English Language Arts

SMS Learning Experience

Directed by distinctive approaches to teaching and learning within a safe and caring culture, this charter school is committed to providing a successful learning experience that values the contributions of all partners. FFCA-SMS is a supportive learning community that cares about students' learning needs and their unique talents, and has a strong desire to see each student achieve personal excellence. Each learner will experience:

  • A coherent curriculum that scaffolds to build deeper understanding of core knowledge and skills associated with the learning outcomes stated in the Alberta Programs of Study.
  • A learning culture where teacher professional development and collaboration are valued and supported as key elements in optimizing academic achievements and personal growth of students.
  • A strong partnership among students, teachers and parents to positively support the growth and development of learners.
  • A caring and inclusive school culture where the development of positive relationships and effective interpersonal skills are the foundations for success.
  • An appreciation for the value of learning goals and their relevance, and the criteria necessary to achieve success.
  • An environment that focuses on maximizing learning opportunities through high levels of engagement (including opportunities to engage with a variety of technologies).
  • Ongoing assessment of learning in which the student, teacher and parent partner to use feedback to move learning forward.
  • A multi-sensory approach to learning that allows students to augment their learning styles in achieving the desired learning targets.
  • An opportunity for application of understandings about character development through active engagement in service learning projects and leadership opportunities.
  • An opportunity to learn collaboratively and independently, to communicate effectively, to think critically and to express themselves creatively.
  • A regular Physical Education program and daily physical activity
  • Being part of a community that celebrates personal uniqueness through the wearing of school uniforms.