Physical Education Award

Dear QDPE Award Recipients,


Congratulations to your school on being recognized as a Quality Daily Physical Education (QDPE) School!


Physical and Health Education Canada applauds your school for excellence in delivering a high-quality physical education program. Your school has established a QDPE program; consisting of balanced, planned, and meaningful content that is sequentially taught by competent and enthusiastic educators.


Regardless of your award level, we are #QDPEproud of you! Your commitment to providing QDPE deserves great recognition and we commend you on your award. 

We encourage you to download the QDPE decal attached. Be proud to share this accomplishment with your school and the Phys. Ed. online community!


Thank you for your school’s efforts and commitment towards advancing physical and health education!




The PHE Canada Team
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Tel/Tél: 613-523-1348 ext. 2331  |  Fax/Téléc: 613-523-1206



Parent Council Meeting

Please join us for our next parent council meeting at 6:30 PM on March 12 in the foods room.

Grade 4 Parent invite

Please click on the below link for the current grade 4 parents with students planning to attend grade 5 at South Middle South in September.


Casino Volunteers Needed

The FFCA South Middle School Campus Society fundraises for technology, equipment and items that support student learning at SMS. As your family begins planning for events into the new year please consider volunteering for our upcoming casino. The last casino event brought in over $64,700 to SMS! Pretty nice for just two days.


The next casino for SMS is on Thursday, March 14, 2019 and Friday, March 15, 2019 at Deerfoot Inn & Casino.


At this time, we have filled just over half of the positions. Over the two days, there are 21 positions in all to fill. If our school is unable to fully staff our casino the opportunity will be given to another organization.  The following positions are still available;

Thursday March 14;

Start 11am - 7:30pm      General Manager, Banker, Cashier x2, Chip Runner x2

Start 6:45pm - 3:45am   Cashier, Chip Runner

Start 11pm - 3:45am      Countroom Staff x4

Friday March 15;

Start 11am - 7:30pm      Chip Runner x1

Start 11pm - 3:45am      Countroom Staff x3

Backup Volunteer x2


Please contact April Fisher (Campus Society, Chair) ( to volunteer or for more information.


Training and support will be provided by a licensed Casino Advisor in both the Cash Cage and the Count Room.


Volunteering at the casino is easy and fun. Duties have been refined over a number of years and are now easy and pleasant to follow. The casino is a safe endeavor. Cameras
and Security monitor the casino premises at all times. If it is desired, a security guard will be glad to escort any volunteer to their vehicle at the end of their shift.


Position Descriptions:



- Responsible for total operation of casino including gaming floor, security, cashier's cage and count room.

- Ensures a sufficient number of volunteers for each day.

- Must be present in the Casino at all times during table game operations.

- Ensures signed cheques are available to pay expenses on the beginning of the first day.

- Controls drop box keys.

- Substitutes in volunteer positions on their breaks and in unavoidable staffing emergencies. (General Manager/Alternate is not expected to fill staff positions under normal circumstances.)

- Should review Casino Terms and Conditions booklet before casino.



- Controls Cashier's cage floats of chips and cash.

- Assisted by Cash Cage Advisor.

- Busy only during opening, volunteer shift changes and closing of casino.

- Keeps track of all cash/chip transfers on Casino Track.

- Mathematical skills helpful.



- Cashes in chips for players and makes change.

- Cashier has own float - does not share cash/chip float with anybody.

- This position is quite challenging, and requires concentration and accuracy.

- This position not recommended for color blind volunteers.

- Good manual dexterity is helpful.



- Courier (runner) for chip orders (requests) from casino games.

- Volunteer must be prepared to move around.

- Position is usually busy at opening and closing of casino.

- Volunteer must be able to carry up to five pounds (2 kilograms) of chips.



- Works with Count room Advisor in recording cash counts and game wins and losses.

- Administrative skills useful, good math (number) skills are very helpful.

- Not required to handle cash.



- Sorts, amalgamates, counts and verifies all cash from table game drop boxes.

- Cash handling skills are an asset.

- Volunteers should be good working with their hands.


Grade 8 Information Evening at High School

Please click below to get important high school information for grade 8 students.


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